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Downing Street petitions...

If you're looking for something to idly flick though, the rejected petitions on the No 10 site provide a mainline route to the pulse of the country:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to..."

... give Phil Collins a Knighthood

... bring back the Cadbury's Wispa Gold chocolate bar

... Order the immediate incarceration of all boy band members

And possibly my favourite one:

... to nip round this weekend and give me a hand put me new windows in and paint the bog. you really need to meet more members of the public and this would be an ideal oportunity to do so. i'll supply the beer and pizzas just bring yer overalls and pick up a can of expanding foam from B&Q on yer way here.


(found @ [url][sign in to see URL] , although I should probably put a warning here that the majority of the suggestions are not actually funny and are uncomfortably similar to having articles from the Daily Mail glued to your computer screen....)


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