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posticon From Italy with a great love for 400's

Hallo, my friends!

I'm Giuspe from Italy, the country of milions streets up and down Mountains and hills, a very Paradise for bikers love turns and turns and turns... :-)

I live in Naples, one of the most beautiful city in the world, but also famous for its iternational criminal organizations (like the movie: Gomorrah)...and really caotic traffic!

In this place, I ride everyday of the year with my lovely 400cc bikes!

I love Suzuki 4 cylinders engine K707...
Ten years ago I bought a used GSF 400 Bandit ('93 model P) and now She is still with me (140.000 km).

In the last two years I have found a good job, than some money to follow my passions...
I bought other four (!!) Suzuki, two of these for spare parts, and at last, now I have three lovely bikes:

GSF 400 Bandit "Rospettina" (in English: little toad)

GSF 400 Bandit Limited Edition '90 "Armida" (imported from Great Britain)

GSX-R400R SP 1989 (GK73A)
The onlyone imported in Italy from Japan.

My GK73A some months ago was broken!!
I have burned a bearing of crank pin and scratch the crankshaft!!
Now, She is in therapy...with some parts from a GSF400 engine and a JE Pistons 442 Big Bore Kit...

Sorry if the post is too long (and for my bad English!)

Many LampsS!!!
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Re: From Italy with a great love for 400's

Hallo Giuspe and welcome along. A good first post there - I enjoyed reading that!


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