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Next jobs...

A couple of jobs to do this week....

%20pics/Disc%20change/[sign in to see URL]]--Log in or sign up to see linked image content--

The disc is from the same supplier as the ones in ]this thread. The front discs have been on for around 6000 miles now and still look and feel really good, no warping, blueing, or loosening of the bobbins. The gold coloured anodising on the carriers looks as good as the day I fitted the discs too.

I figured on that basis it was safe to get the rear disc from them to replace the 62000 mile original rear for which I had an advisory on the last MoT.

Just waiting for the new rear pads to arrive and I'll fit the disc with the nice new titanium disc bolts.

I'll put the new plugs in as well while I'm at it.

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Re: Next jobs...

looks like youve found a really good disc,wish i was as handy with the spanners as you are,would love to overhall the brakes/discs,oil filter,oil,plugs,but i will gather up the parts and watch my mechanic do it over the winter emoticon
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